Christmas Storybook Rules

31st Annual – 2018

Christmas Storybook Contest


  • Limit: 700 words or less
  • All stories or poems must be original
  • All entries become property of The Dickinson Press for republication in our Christmas Storybook issue.
  • All entries must have the individuals name, parent or guardian’s name,
    email address, phone number, grade level and name of school
  • Due to space restraints, The Dickinson Press cannot guarantee all
    entries will be published.
  • You must be in a school in the following school districts: Beach Elementary, Beach High School, Belfield Schools, Berg Elementary, Dickinson High School, Dickinson Middle School, Halliday Public School, Heart River Elementary, Hope Christian Academy, Jefferson Elementary, Killdeer Public Schools, Lincoln Elementary, Mott/Regent High School & Elementary, New England Public Schools, Prairie Rose Elementary, Richardton Taylor, Roosevelt Elementary, Southwest Community High School, Trinity Elementary, Trinity High School or Home schooled in a 5o mile radius of Dickinson. Adults who enter the contest must live within the same school districts as well.
  • Judges decisions are final. Contest Judged by the Slope Area Retired Teachers Association.
  • Prizes are for 1st place winners of each judging category and are from local businesses.


Deadline for entries: December 2, 2018
Publication date: December 22, 2018